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The 80/20 Principle of Human Performance
By Ben Stewart
Important Note: This webinar is not like the typical 90% marketing 10% value FREE webinars you see online! This is literally 60 minutes of “Action Packed” instruction you can learn and apply today!
Speaker For This Webinar:
Ben Stewart
Head Coach: Entrepreneur U
Ben Stewart is a Multipreneur from Ottawa, Canada. Over the past 22 years Mr. Stewart has built many successful businesses across various industries including: direct sales, landscaping, information, consulting, real estate, and the Martial Arts. A 7th Degree Black Belt and a 13x World Champion in Karate and Kick Boxing Mr. Stewart has learned, mastered, and coaches his clients on personal and business mastery using his powerful online and in-person coaching programs.
What You'll Learn In This Powerful Free Webinar...
Secret #1: How to DESTROY Limiting Self Doubt and Belief Systems about your PAST, which negatively affect your FUTURE!
Secret #2: Learn the BUILDING BLOCKS required to transition you from the 80% (MEDIOCRE) to the 20% (HIGH PERFORMERS) in any industry!
Secret #3: Learn the (5) Systems that Elite Performers in business, sport, and entertainment 
utilize to ensure maximum “PRODUCTIVITY”, and “RESULTS” in their LIVES!
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